Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beware the Glamp-Ass

I thought this was lame and/or sloppy advertising. Behold the "Maoy's Glampass."

It is never made clear what a "Maoy" is. They could be another Polynesian tribe. They could be a branch of the Malloys who lost their double-Ls in the potato famine. Whatever it is or whoever they are, they're in possession of the glampass, which any Vonnegut reader will recall is a karass of four people fulfilling the same wampeter.

No, I know what the sign's really supposed to say. I just think this is equal parts laziness and terrible design.

I'm no fan of "glam" as it is. I don't aspire to it, I find nothing appealing or desirous about it. Some of my friends are into it, and that's fine, they can go do that thing, but this motif has never spoken to me. That a store would advertise it as a marketable motif and an event function shows me how far I am from mainstream target demographics. Sometimes that's cool, and sometimes it's depressing: it definitely makes it difficult to shop, when all the stores have agreed to sell a load of garish, ugly garments all at once. I hate picking through the least-offensive cast-offs of a season just so I have something to wear.


Vanessa said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks most clothing looks like crap. Do people buy it because they like it or because there's nothing else? I would make my own clothes if I could sew, and they would be awesome.

Christian said...

DIY seems to be the answer: make your own clothes, grow and cook your own food, learn how to repair your bike/car/house, etc. A diversity of hands-on skills is the truest value. I've long wrestled with committing to buying my own simple sewing machine and learning simple tailoring techniques to begin to make my own clothes.