Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Working So Hard... and for What?

It happened again that this morning saw a thunderstorm and was rainy as I got ready for work, so I donned a rain jacket and rode the bus. Now it's bright and sunny and rather than bike home, I have to take the bus. I feel bad about losing the exercise but I'm glad that I get the chance to continue listening to the M.I.T. psychology lectures. In honor of these, I wrote a short story: Quantifying Peer Pressure.

And I'm actually writing a letter. Two, actually, one that was sent out over lunch and one I'm composing now. It's important for me to get back into letter writing, not just for the inherent value of practicing penmanship, but for staying in touch with friends. I've got a small pile of mail to catch up with, actually, so the real test is in forging time in which to respond. I'm very bad at that, much moreso than actually writing. I could make all sorts of excuses for myself, like family emergency, some of which are more or less valid, but I wouldn't benefit from that. My focus has to be on making the time to write.

I woke up late today and had only enough time to pour myself a coffee. No breakfast, no packed lunch, so I got a cheapie lunch at Taco Bell. And due to my advanced age, as well as my body's expectation of nutritious food, I feel a little ill from this garbage. Sure, it tastes great, but once those chemicals and food substitutes are actually in your body, it's another story. It is only the nostalgia of youth that gives me to lament I may no longer frequent these fast-food dives.

Tonight's Tuesday: I have writers group, which means I must race home (on the bus) and shape up the one written piece I've been trying to focus on for publication. I ran it by each member of the group and received their edits, which only have to be implemented in the story. Once they approve that revision, I can seek out a humor trade publication and submit it. After that, maybe I'll hear from them in three months or never at all! Are you excited? I'm trying to be!

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