Saturday, August 1, 2009

Super Scrubbing Action Ne Plus Ultra

I may not clean my bathroom weekly, but when I do clean it, it glows with perfection. I do scrub the hell out of it--many thanks to the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day line of cleaning products--and the result is very wife-satisfying. Truth is, I take a certain amount of personal pride in seeing a cleaning task through to completion. Once, in the Army, I took it upon myself to scrub the communal urinals, which was not a desirable chore but it was quite necessary. I brought out a bottle of Brasso and polished all the copper tubing that ran to and from each urinal. The other soldiers were shocked: they had assumed these were pale green PVC pipes.

That is all. I cleaned the holy hell out of my bathroom and there is nothing more to report.


Cinamingrl said...

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Cinamingrl said...

Funny, I vacuumed my bedroom yesterday, but it wasn't a very good job. But I did put my bunny into his cage today, after chasing it around. And I.....worked a little.

Shanna (Crabbit) said...

I always clean my bathroom with bleach. Bleach with a little water in a spray bottle. The walls, the tub, the sink, the outer surfaces of the toilet... I lose my sense of smell for several hours afterwards, but at least I know everything is clean. My family scolds me for this, citing how hazardous it is for me. But, c'mon, bathrooms are some narsty places. Ew.