Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sick of It

So the Republicans are shuttling out-of-town protesters to town hall meetings to shout down speakers addressing the health care reform issue.  And then they suggest that Democrats are alienating themselves from voters by focusing on this underhanded tactic.  "We're cheating, but you're losing popularity by not letting us get away with it," is the message.  And then that woman waves a poster of Obama made up to look like Hitler (courtesy of the LaRouche PAC: "rabies tastes like strawberry jelly") at a Jewish congressman.  And armed men turned up at a presidential town hall meeting.  And FOX News still prefaces its broadcasts with insisting it delivers fair and unbiased coverage, while giving air time to Michelle Malkin and showing Hannity and Bachmann fawning over each other.

This only reinforces my personal theory that the entire Republican party is nothing more than a protracted test, designed by an eleven-year-old boy, to see how gullible Americans are.  But when you call him on it, he doesn't admit it.  You present your proof, your photos, your documentation, and he just smiles and says he doesn't know what you're talking about.  When not about racism, sexism, or materialism, Republicanism is about intellectual dishonesty.

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Cinamingrl said...

Citizens tend to believe lies and "scary stories", I know. I do it myself a lot.

Seriously though, every time there's a reformer who wants to change something that is badly in need of change, there will always be backlash. It's the way of human nature. Not that it's healthy. Some (most) people can't stand it when things get improved.