Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quarter-Remembered Melodies

This is going to bug me: I remembered a song from over 20 years ago but can't research it. While in the shower I suddenly recalled this tune from the early era of rap (circa Whodini and Newcleus). The chorus went "don't smile at me, I already know" and from what I remember it seemed to be a condemnation of a homosexual. It was a very long time ago, I was around 13 years old, so I remember almost none of the lyrics (except the accused defending himself as having "fine taste"). That was the impression I came away with at the time. I have no idea who the performer was or what they were really trying to say.

While showering or biking, I tend to have lots of flashbacks of my life, like rattling a junk drawer and one item or another surfaces as random. Do kids still have junk drawers? That probably means "underwear" to them...

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