Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pointless Evenings

I'm surprised at how much time I have in the afternoons. It's shameful, how I waste it. If I leave work on time, I get home around 3:30 PM and most nights there's nothing planned until bedtime (11 PM or midnight). Tuesdays I have writer's group, and any random night we're driving out to St. Paul to help with Rebecca's parents. This Thursday's the scotch tasting (won't have time for that, somehow) and the third Thursday of each month is an exhibit at the MIA (usually miss that, somehow). So what am I doing with my time?

I have no idea.

Tonight I started an upper body workout at 5:00 PM--it says 45 minutes but with breaks and evaluation it's about an hour--and made myself a dinner of leftovers. I'm trying to clean out the fridge of old food and condiments, make space for new food (or just stop eating out as much as possible). Rebecca got home and after she ate & changed we went out to Trader Joe's to do some much-needed grocery shopping.

We also swung by Byerly's to pick up a few items that either TJ's didn't have or Byerly's has better. I got all my sandwich-making materials, between the two places, so there's no reason to buy lunch for a week. (I still stop by Downtown Diner once a week to chat with Salaa, buying a token slice of pizza.) Rebecca wanted to make her granola and so we stopped at the bulk foods section for oats, and I saw a bin full of English Toffee in chocolate. I said we should buy some, so we got two pieces (pictured). No bag, just wrapped the ID tag around the item. It tripped up the check-out clerk more than seemed reasonable to me.

I'm just cranking out this entry before I go out to St. Paul and watch Rebecca's father tonight. He's an old man, still recovering from his recent incident, and he needs help with certain things. Tonight's my turn to help. I'm probably not going to get any sleep tonight, and then I have to take the car first thing in the morning to the mechanic to the alignment and a turn signal fixed, and then straight out to work. These are things that need to be done.

UPDATE: It wasn't so bad. I showed up at 10 PM, everyone went to bed, and I helped Eddie get changed and ready to sleep. He is most comfortable sleeping in a certain recliner and everyone asked Millie if she would like to sleep near him in the fold-a-bed. But Millie hates that fold-a-bed and wanted to sleep in the guest room, so I got the fold-a-bed. I woke up several times to Eddie's coughing fits, where the only thing I could do was guide him to the Kleenex, but around 5 AM he requested an ambulance on account of how difficult it was for him to breathe. I woke up the family, helped Eddie get dressed, and the family followed the ambulance to the hospital.

Being this was a non-emergency, I was given leave to go home. I curled up next to my wife and lay awake for two hours. Now I'm about to shower and drop the car off at the mechanic's, then bus downtown and get some breakfast. Today will be a trial of endurance

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