Friday, August 28, 2009

Minneapolis: Squatters' House

This house no longer exists.

I don't know the history behind it, but it looked like it was abandoned. To the left of it is the former premises of a hardware store. The side of that hardware store saw about a monthly rotation of graffiti as an item would be painted, painted over, then replaced with another image. In hindsight, of course, I wish I'd kept a collection of the images that have appeared there.

As for this house, no one lived in it formally but there must've been squatters. Signs and legal notices kept getting posted on the front door, taken down either by illegal inhabitants or simply the wind and rain. The house itself became more and more dilapidated.

One day the house was just a pile of ruined lumber: a demolition crew had started to tear it down. Days later the lot was cleared and presented as nothing more than a patch of dirt between the hardware store and the neighboring house. It stayed like that for some time before a crew laid down sod and it was transformed into a lawn, and so it is today, the lot formerly known as 2607 Lyndale Ave, Minneapolis.

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