Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Totally Won a Prize

Tuesday night I got a strangely nondescript e-mail advising me that I'd won a drawing and had to claim my prize within a week. It slipped past my spam filters and turned up in my Inbox.

The font was weird: rather than my default, it was in large, blocky, bold text. Aside from that, it was addressed directly to my e-mail address and no others, and it referred to a Minneapolis address for a collection point.

Yesterday Rebecca joined me for lunch, we dropped off some mail at the Loop Station, and then walked over to the US Bank Plaza building. Right where we came out of the skyway is the Commuter Connection Resource Store, which I'd seen a dozen times but never fully registered. After a brief interlude at the front desk (I turned up on the sheet of drawing winners but no prize was indicated next to my name; this was sorted out) I was awarded a free Blue Sky Guide.

For non-Minneapolis readers:
Blue Sky Guide is a one-of-a-kind resource — a coupon book, a directory, a source of ideas and inspiration. It’s your guide to living well and having fun in the Twin Cities region. Save hundreds of dollars while exploring the community and supporting local, sustainable businesses. Over 300 valuable coupons make this our largest book yet. Businesses with coupons include grocery, dining, entertainment, travel, garden and home adding up to savings of over $3,000.
We have one already, one that we bought, but having an extra doesn't hurt anything and getting it for free is nice. The point is, I didn't even know about this drawing. I must've been entered when I registered for the Guaranteed Ride Home passes, which I qualified for on account of riding my bike to work at least three times a week (bus, LRT, and carpool also qualify).

There are some cool things going on in this city. Minneapolis has some real hidden gems in it. I think it would be worth a citizen's while to wander around and ask questions, because a lot of this stuff doesn't the PR it needs, or else there's just too much of it and it's overwhelming.

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