Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Status and Review: Terse Recap

I started a scotch journal some time ago, into which I transcribed all my notes from Whisky Wench's scotch-tasting nights at Merlin's Rest. But my notebook is kinda big, and I know I'm not going to drink that much scotch (at least not so much variety), so I've divided it in half. In the center I started a cigar journal.

I actually have saved a few cigar rings from recreational smoking at home, and when I attended the cigar seminar on the Jewel of the Seas I definitely saved those rings. I pasted these into my journal and wrote pertinent details and impressions of each cigar, ranging from the mellow and delicious Caogold Corona to a honey-flavored blunt obtained from a Wisconsin gas station. Why not, you know? Record everything.

So that's new. What else is new is that I'm trying to delete my blogs on Open Salon and the Telegraph UK, but they don't have (accurate) instructions on how to do this, or else there just is no function for it. All that energy will go into this blog instead. And I've noticed that I still get random views from random nations, based on their citizens Googling random topics and finding my blog, so to increase my readership I'm going to find popular topics to write about: I'll check out what people are Googling and then expound upon that at some length. Why not? It's a fun little game to play, I'll still be writing, and I stand to learn a body of new information.

I may even write about those nations. Recently I've had two visitors from the Ivory Coast and three from Malaysia. What if I researched those nations and wrote up some interesting factoids about them? That might draw more people in too. I think the near future will see a curious little experiment on readership and visibility. I'll try to inject some substance in there as well.

Open Salon was a useful experiment, speaking of. It boosted my self-esteem and I proved to myself that I have the basic chops to be a writer. I was never as popular as some of the... others, people whose thoughts I found objectionable and whose writing was inexcusable, but there you go. They figured out how to make the game work for them, popularity tricks they honed in high school, so now they're King/Queen of the Nobodies. Good for them. As for me, there wasn't enough kickback for me to want to pour a lot of energy into it. I got some validation, I'm good. Oh, also they've started instituting ads, which are really ugly and disruptive, and it seems like there is a small exodus due to this, so it's not just me.

But I wish I knew some people who drink scotch and smoke cigars. I suppose I don't need to go flinging my discretionary income hither and thither, though, if I ever expect to get out of this nation for keeps.

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