Monday, July 13, 2009

Sliding Into a Monday Morning

Went to bed alone, woke up alone--late. Surprisingly, the cats did not leap on the bed at 5:30 AM and stage their little pots-and-pans parade like they do to my poor wife. In fact, when they heard me ignore my alarm clock for three minutes, they only drifted in exhibiting weak curiosity. Being that they expect to be fed at 6:00 AM, it's pretty shocking they were so nonchalant two hours later. Maybe Toki was meowing and I couldn't hear him. In which case they will be terrible burglar/fire alarms.

I biked to work, have been biking consistently since I started doing it. My handlebars are screwed, though: the clamp that holds them in place has worn smooth and now my handlebars rotate (forward and back) almost completely freely, restrained only by the brake cables. And my chain jumped again--I really need to keep some paper towels on me or something. Maybe GoJo makes a handi-wipe-type product. At least my ride was shortened by three blocks: my company moved to a new building over the weekend.

I parked my bike, noticing that there are actually specific posted instructions on how to use these particular bike racks. And it was immediately apparent that I'm the only person who's ever bothered to notice these instructions, as all other bikes are parked contrary to the instructions. When that was done I had to remove my panniers and front bike pouch, so they wouldn't get stolen because that is how beautiful our city is (thanks for everything, Chicago), and I entered the building. And was immediately repelled by security: apparently my company has to walk around the corner and enter through a different door.

I sat in the all-staff meeting and heard about our new vision, what changes would be in place, and then went to set up my new desk area. It is certainly much more spacious than the old building--occasionally I glance around and spin in my chair to take it all in. They're still doing some construction work on it but essentially we're all ready to go. I didn't find where the free pastries were, though, and no one's given me a tour: that probably would've happened Friday, at the Farewell Social, but when that was going on I was nearing Green Bay with something else commanding the bulk of my thoughts.

Now I'm all set up at my desk. There are only a few remaining things to iron out, those will come in time. In the meantime it's noon, so I'm going to go out for lunch. Before I left the house I ran into the mailman, so I just went through the day's mail (how strange, that he showed up so early, when usually we expect him around 3:30 PM).

A-a-a-a-and, yeah... then I guess I'll wait around some more and see what's going on.

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this may be obvious, but you should get those gears looked at along with the handlebars.