Friday, July 24, 2009

Recent Past, Really Quickly

It's been a good couple of days. All at once, four Postcrossing cards reached their destinations and I can send out four more: Russia, Belarus, The Netherlands, and Germany all requested weird cards, and oh, do I have those in stock. I'm glad the cards arrived because it's been a dry couple of weeks while I waited for them to go through. In fact, one that I'd sent to Japan seems to have been destroyed in the mail, resulting in a wait time of over 30 days, so I issued a second one and that showed up in less than a week.

My friend at Downtown Diner had intimated that he was having some laptop problems. It seems he lent it to a cousin who, in turn, lent it to a random assortment of people, and someone locked it up with a password. I didn't know how to get around this so I asked my friends Nick and Jarrin and they each recommended Ophcrack for a workaround. I burned a boot disk and handed it to my friend, and he was most pleased. Hope it does the trick!

At the risk of alienating my audience of two, I'm thinking about being less of a dick on Small Laws.

And congratulations go to my niece for winning a coloring contest at the Rice County Fair! She went out for root beer in celebration:

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