Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Online Representation: Simplified

I've often thought about consolidating all my online activity down to a few systems, like, deleting all my extraneous e-mail addresses and directing everyone to one solid, consistent, timeless e-mail address. For example, my "xn70.mpls" experiment failed: I will always be "XN" and I will always have been born in 1970, but I will not always live in Minneapolis. (I inserted the dot in the middle of that ID in an attempt to foil spammers. I think it wasn't a totally bad idea.)

And while I have shut down a few other blogs, I kept Blogger and still update Heavy Boots and CWFredrickson.org. Blogger's my main one. I quit Open Salon for sundry community-related issues, and I've terminated several Wordpress blogs--I seem to have anti-luck with them--and I don't even contribute at all to the blog at Writer's Market. No one else does either, though they post frequently: all their posts are "Check out my new self-published book about (angels/my homelessness/troubles with romance)! Click here to praise an article I pulled out of my ass but lack the courage to submit for publication!" and it even expands into private e-mail. There is one user who routinely exhorts people on her distribution list to please edit and review her ATV Web site. I'm the only person I've found who simply writes updates and posts random thoughts.

I kept Tumblr. I like Tumblr a lot, for some reason. It seems more diverse than Twitter, for one thing, though I only have one friend on this network. See, I would like, ideally, one prime e-mail, one prime blog (hopefully tied to one prime home page), and one prime social network. This is so people don't have to guess how to reach me. Maybe that can only happen after I change my surname back to "Wilkie" and can buy a distinct domain name without a lot of letters. On the other hand, "sxoidmal" is pretty unique and is only one letter too long for a MN license plate.

It is too, too hard for people to remember how to spell "sxoidmal." Amazingly, a Brazilian guy pronounced it correctly upon glancing at it, when we traded e-mail addresses. He is the only one to have ever done that, as well.

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