Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not My Cup of Sumatra

Now that I'm no longer gaming on Facebook... my free time in the mornings has really opened up. There's not much else for me to do online. Maybe I'll try turning this free hour into writing time, work on short stories or something. I know other people's highly creative time comes in the morning, but for me it's late evening when my mind starts racing. I'm not a morning person in the least way--how propitious, then, that my job doesn't require me to come in until 10:00 AM. I love that so much.

So I went back to the MN Artists Web site and thought about uploading a story to my profile. Before I cancelled my Open Salon account, I went through and grabbed the most noteworthy (to me) articles I posted there, though they're not really usable in any other format. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to upload any short stories I intend to publish anywhere else, so I suppose these used articles can serve as writing samples.

Then again, tonight my writing group meets, and I don't have anything to submit. I skipped the last two weeks and missed out on the two weeks prior... I've met for two sessions. This time it's not the group that's failing me: I'm failing the group. I just haven't had any time to write, but now I'll see if I can do it in the morning. I really don't feel like it. This is my time to enjoy a coffee and see amusing stuff online, but I don't know of any new amusing stuff. I used to hang out with an online community that was constantly surfacing new sites and amazing stuff, but I couldn't hang out there without getting into fights so I had to leave. Now I don't have a source for new links, and I don't know how to seek these out myself.

So I may as well restructure this time and turn it into a writing period. I'm not doing anything useful with this first hour of the day, and gods know I'm not writing at any other point in the day (well, except these two blogs), so I've got to take whatever hour is afforded me and contrive to create in that time.

Link: http://www.mnartists.org/Christian_Fredrickson

Update: Yesterday I came home to a mailing from Credo Mobile (formerly Working Assets) with an awesome deal. Free phones, low rates, Sprint's coverage network, and they will cover the fee for leaving a present phone contract (up to $200). This could not have come at a better time. I got a Katana LX for myself and a LG Rumor for Rebecca. And I got the hell rid of T-Mobile.


Rebecca said...

Why not stay up later to write and use that morning hour to sleep in?

Nicholas Lee said...

In response to your comment on "Why Nada":

You're a reader of Gene Wolfe, are you not? In Citadel of the Autarch, when Severian discusses the Asican army with the Autarch, the old demiurge mentions that some of the soldiers kill themselves the moment they are armed.

Now what is the purpose of an Ascian's life? To serve the collective. They live in a ultra-nationalistic society. They speak only in mandated phrases. Do these individuals kill themselves because they reject this and perform the most logical action? They cannot act against their collective, but they still have power over themselves. This is, perhaps, a form of protest.

The Ascians were likened to machines; they even used machines interchangeably with beasts. But they were human and thus capable of independent thought, and whatever linguistic limitations, whatever philosophical brainwashing, whatever oppression they were subjected to, they still had more ideas than an automobile.

Camus called suicide the most important, or only important, philosophical question. We are not cars; we are human beings. We can question our purpose, and therefore do. It is undoubtedly inconvenient, especially for the machine, when one of the cogs stops turning to question its existence.

Call it me exercising my rights in a free society, while I can.

It is also a side-effect of having too much free time, much as this response is.

Christian said...

Rebecca: But, oh my wife, that's our time to go to bed together. Also, it's hard to sleep in.

Nicholas: My bad, I didn't check for a response, but I responded in your blog.