Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mismanagement Skills

In line with deleting the extraneous blogs and social networks, I'm deactivating my Facebook account. I'm not deleting it--that appears impossible--but users can put their account on hold, remove themselves from the FB map, and have all their information put into storage. Users can come back later and, upon reactivation, find everything exactly as it was. But until I'm a better husband and a balanced, mature individual, there is no harm in shelving Facebook for a while.

I'll still post here, where no one will read it, and I'll keep my e-mail accounts, which no one writes to. I'm beggared to find a point to maintaining Facebook on top of all that. And with all the extra time I have in the evenings (and mornings and afternoons), there should be ample opportunity for personal development. I'll be able to pack a lunch for myself each morning, and every afternoon I can chip away at cleaning the house. It's like I had a supply of gold bricks and, instead of using them for currency, stacked them to form crude bookshelves up to this point.

Just this morning, I finally uploaded the photos from last Friday's disastrous morning. It was satisfying to get that out of the way. I'm almost done with the two large Gene Wolfe collections I'm reading, which will make room for a stack of other books I've been meaning to get to. See? Benefit upon benefit, and all I had to do was tap into it. And get rid of Facebook.


noma-neko said...

hi and stuff

i have things to send you but no stamps :(

Christian said...

Hi-hi! That's cool, there are things more important than stamps. I hope you're doing well!