Monday, July 27, 2009

Joy + Pain / Sunshine + Rain

I got my new camera today. I'm quite pleased with it: I can bike around with it in the crook of my thumb and forefinger on my right hand, with the remaining fingers securely working the brake handle. No pouch necessary--it's just always right there, as long as I never drop it. It's got decent zoom and decent macro-zoom. Nothing to scream about but more than sufficient for my purposes.

This is the first picture taken with it, my funny face in the kitchenette where I work. I immediately took a lunch break, sat down with a pastrami/provolone sandwich, and got my camera up and running. On the break room TV Goldeneye was playing--were all Bond movies this bad? I charged the battery for the rest of my work day and brought it out for the ride home, take it for a test drive. It felt like a sense of release to finally have a working, convenient camera on hand to capture the world around me. And I sold one camera for a $30 discount on the price, too, which really helped.

Kinda makes up for Credo denying my application. Yes, this great-assed phone company that's so good for leftist politics, they don't want me to play. Why not? I checked my credit report, there are no blips on any radar since 2004. It could be that the service rep replaced all F's in my name and street address with S's, changed my city to "Miniapolas" and my state to Mississippi. It feels weird to yell at a phone company in order to get them to accept your business, but that's what I'm going to do tomorrow.

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