Monday, July 27, 2009

It's a Very, Very Slow Monday Morning

I'm excited: today I get my new camera. I ordered a refurbished Canon, something very small (not the Elph), and I can bring in my old digital cameras for potential trade-in and further knock down the price. It's already a good deal that stands to turn awesome.

Rebecca's at home with a migraine. I think the cats sense her tension because Toki's concerned for her but doesn't know how to express it. He rubbed himself in her face and purred loudly, which is terrible for trying to sleep through. When I kicked him out he attacked Bella, and I found him in a corner with tufts of grey fur in his mouth. I locked him on the porch to cool him down: he was mournful at first but eventually didn't want to leave. When the neighborhood wakes up, the cats like to sit at the windows and watch everything going on.

I walked over to the IDS Tower this morning to get a bowl of oatmeal at Potbelly. There was a homeless guy in one of the skyway passes, looking dead at me and holding up a sign directly at me. I apologized and went on, got my oatmeal, and thought I'd be clever by going back on the street level. Not so clever, as that put five more homeless people with signs and mournful expressions in my path.

I updated in Small Laws an incident in which a green sports car drove down the bike-only lanes to pass a taxi and a construction vehicle in the bus lane, then blocked a legitimate cyclist while trying to turn onto 8th St. If only I had a camera on me at the time.

This weekend I started a new blog, Postalatry, wherein I'll chronicle my adventures with pen pals, stationery, etymology, and all related materials. It won't be as negative as Small Laws, and it will be more focused than Sweven Volant. I feel good about it. There's not much in it right now but I'll slowly bulk it up with an entry every day.

I'm still waiting for my new cell phone to arrive. Today would be the last reasonable day to wait before suspecting something is amiss, so I hope it turns up before I leave the office (in four hours). New phones, new camera... the details only slightly change from month to month.

Quite mistaken: I did get an ELPH, a Canon PowerShot SD1100. I took a picture of myself and of some guys on a rooftop down the street, and now I'm charging the battery. There were no arm-mounted camera holsters at that store, but there's nothing to stop me from constructing my own such device. It looks like a fine camera for my purposes, and with the resolution set low enough there is no practical limit to the pictures I can take. There was a sale on 2 GB SD cards, you see.

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