Thursday, July 9, 2009

Haven't Given Up Writing

Someone planted a seed in my head.

I befriended a professional writer up in Toronto, through Open Salon. I respect and enjoy her style, and she has been supportive and encouraging of my efforts. I don't know why--some little part of me wants to say, "Because you're that good!"--but I don't question it, just letting it roll.

Anyway, her professional site features several genres of her writing and she has suggested a similar technique for me. I think that's a smashing idea, as I do write about many different things, but it would require access to a Web design specialist for one thing (and I could learn that, but would I?) as well as a lot of dedicated writing, and writing that by nature could not be submitted for publication elsewhere.

On the other hand, since I'm quitting Open Salon, I can go ahead and lift those stories and push them to my professional site. And that's what this multigenre Web site would be, my professional site--that is, my professional site would have to be modified to permit all this. And through Google Sites, that's really no problem: it doesn't have to be glamorous, it just has to be obvious and functional. I can swing that, Google Sites can provide that.

So, maybe! I will definitely think about this for a while.

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