Tuesday, July 28, 2009


What are some things I really hate? These are some things I really hate:
  • Sucka MCs.

  • Friends-of-friends who consistently say amazingly stupid things, but I can't make fun of them because my friends will get mad, even when they agree with me. This comes up all the time.

  • Biting the inside of my cheek, then biting it for the next two days because it's swollen.

  • Cats who act like I did something to them, and I didn't. Never even met them before.

  • People who blame Obama for Bush's legacy.

  • People who beg for money, everywhere I go, then insult or threaten me when I don't give it.

  • Angry clerks working at a store that I like.

  • My new old-person's metabolism.

  • The Blue Dog Democrats, of whom I've only recently become aware.

  • Cilantro.

That's not all. More later.


Cinamingrl said...

Cats have different personalities. Most of my cats were really friendly, except the ones I got from shelters, they were traumatized. And the only put up with one person, me. The cat that I now have totally acts friendly and cute around me. But almost nobody else will she allow to touch her. I have only seen her be friendly to 1 person, a nun who has come to visit me. I think that's because the nun has a soft-spoken voice and walks very lightly. And the nun said to my cat "oh what a pretty tail you have!" My cat is vain that way, like her mommy (me). Anyway, a lot of cats are that way.

I also have friends of friends who annoy me. But if I say anything I am pegged as "bitch."

Is you metabolism such that you can't loose weight fast like you used to? Mine is doing this too.


Christian said...

Cats definitely respond to affection and respect, for the most part. Some are crazy and unreachable, but I've made friends with many cats with simple praise. Praise, rather than treats, is how I taught one of my cats to play Fetch.

And yeah, all sorts of things are declining with my metabolism. I can't/shouldn't eat late at night, I can't eat irresponsibly, and I have to work out daily. I mean, that's good health advice in general, but now I really have to do it.