Sunday, July 12, 2009

End of Weekend

Just got home from Green Bay. Rebecca had to stay behind and discuss family stuff with her sisters--if their parents are no longer capable to taking care of themselves, they're looking at someone staying at the home with them at all times, on shifts, to help out. But who can afford to take one week off every month from work? Most business models don't support something like that, and healthcare is expensive and questionable. It seems like a very grim time to have a family to worry about.

I left town around 4:00 PM and, with three pit stops, made it back to my front door before 9:30 PM. I had the three-cheese steakhouse burger at Burger King, which was tasty, picked up a Voltage Mountain Dew (with ginseng) to see what that was about, and got a couple candy bars for the road as well. Rebecca lent me her iPod and I listened to old-time radio dramas she had stored. Made me want to experiment with writing a script and hiring some friends to create a broadcast.

The cats are pleased to see me, being overly affectionate in their way--whether rubbing against my leg or flopping onto their backs and writhing around, within 20' of me. It's a display of comfort more than anything else, and when Bella does it, every move is accompanied by a tiny "hrrmf!" rather than a full meow. It's hella cute. Toki has taken up post beside me as I write this.

I got very emotional, leaving Rebecca behind in Green Bay. We fight and squabble, we question the quality time we spend together, we wonder whether we should spend more time individually on our friends... but then we're separated for a day and I fall to pieces. I get a lump in my throat and very dramatic music plays through my head. For dozens of miles, all I could think about was kissing her face and hugging her body, which I didn't get to do much this weekend as I was playing support for her and her family, hovering in the background until my services were required.

Now it's almost 10:00 PM and I've got to find something to do with myself. With all the junk food I've eaten, I should fire up My Fitness Coach and do at least 30 minutes of core workout. My legs are finally healing after Friday: biking to work and biking home again within 45 minutes really tore them up, but now I can move without cramping.

I come away from the weekend with a fairly involved story in my head. I'll write it out--not here--and do a little research for it, then see if it's worth submitting for publication anywhere. Somehow I have to get back into writing. I've been reading Wolfe's Starwater Strains on my Kindle and there are more short stories in that book alone than I think I've hacked out in my daily short story quest in total. That means I'm very far behind and have very much work to do.

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