Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My First Aquatennial Parade

Biked down to Aquatennial! Cool parade, actually. Never seen this before.

Transmitted that from my phone. There must be an app I can text to that will update Facebook and Twitter for me. Hell, there are probably four competing apps for that.

I've never been to Aquatennial before--unsure of the etymology, "occurring once every body of water"--but it's a big thing in Minneapolis... as far as big things go. It was a parade with trailer floats and high school bands, plus other represented groups (like the Renaissance Festival--boy, was that painful). I got excited to see a marching bagpipe squad, but they finished playing half a block south of me and resumed half a block north of me. Anyway, they were Shriners, not any sort of Scottish pride group.

We biked to and from the event, Rebecca and I did. Now that I'm so well-versed in Minnesota statutes, I was all excited about being absolutely prepared for the ride. More's the pity that my wife was almost T-boned by some jackass riding around in the dark without helmet, headlight, or reflectors. He just came gliding out of the evening, heading into oncoming traffic down W 28th St, riding the wrong way down a one-way street. It sucks, that you can put so much effort into learning and following the rules, being a responsible and safe cyclist, and some asshole can come out of nowhere and fuck you up. I don't think I need to go into detail about what would have happened to him, if he'd hurt my wife.

That was right after a different asshole in a sports car blew through the same stop sign we'd stopped at. If I weren't around, Rebecca would still ride through stop signs and red lights, but the stick up my ass about this is big enough for two people so she stops when we're together. This heightened her outrage at the jackass coasting through at 20mph, right next to us. I was just glad there was someone else to feel the angst I go through every single day, for once.

It was a good parade, so I won't reflect longer on the people who attended it and other negative influences. It was a good parade.


Rebecca said...

For the record, I've always been a good bicyclist. I do not always come to complete stops at stop signs and have been known to cruise through them when I see no cars are coming up to them (usually 4-way), but I am always prepared to stop. I do not ride the wrong way on one ways. I stop at lights. I even will wait for lights when walking downtown despite the crowd of people that pass me to cross against the light. I appreciate your diligence, it is true. But I also have a (milder) sense of right action.

Rebecca said...

Also, the things that happened that were negative/irritating like the bike going the wrong way or the car barely slowing for the 4-way stop were miniscule in comparison to the great joy the evening beheld.
The evening was perfect for a ride. As we rode, the air was filled with fragrance that kept shifting – sweet flowers, a lawn being watered, dinner cooking. The parade was deliciously Midwestern. It rained just a bit on the way home, enough to be interesting and make the street smell like fresh rain but not enough to mess up my glasses. I was so deeply joyful and peaceful and grateful in a way I haven’t been in a very long time. And that was what last night was all about.

Christian said...

Awesome: now I know how to guarantee that at least one person will comment on my entries.