Monday, June 1, 2009

Vicodin, Work, and Domain Names

Yesterday was the worst day for the pinched nerve. When I woke up completely tense and unable to move, I took (read: was handed) four ibuprofen and waited for them to kick in. SO, instead of going to the St. Paul farmer's market for some delicious fresh fish, we went to Urgent Care instead.

The doctor didn't really do much, just checked the most crucial issues: tingling in arm (none), pressure points (no pain where he indicated), and movement of arm (free and painless). For this he prescribed me some daytime meds and Vicodin for night. Last night was a very good night indeed, as my entire body felt very comfortable and everything around me became a pleasant tactile experience. I really regret not using, then throwing away, the bottle of Vicodin that came with the extraction of my wisdom teeth. I wonder if Vicodin would help carry a boy through heartache?

Today I feel somehow removed from everything around me. I can move throughout the city and do my assigned tasks, but it's now a trust-based operation, where I trust the things I'm doing are what I should be doing, and I trust the signals I send to my limbs are the correct ones. Everything strikes me as a joke that I don't get, seeing all the pieces in play but not understanding their relationships and/or significance. And I forgot my daytime meds that I was going to bring to work, but we do have ibuprofen at work and that's almost as good. My emotions are at once dulled and slightly childish, so I'm being careful to do as little talking as possible. At least that much of my faculty is intact. (etc.) now point to my Google Sites page, and I think I've successfully directed the naked URL to the site as well... oh no. The URLs are now pointing back to the original hosted location, even those with the WWW subdomain. That is completely incorrect. Back to the drawing board.

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