Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Postcrossing, I Love You

This is a selection of postcards I've received through Postcrossing, so far. They are from Lower Saxony, Germany; Vilnius, Lithuania; and Porvoo, Finland!

I've also received a couple postcards from people I wrote to, and from whom I requested a return postcard. You can do that: you just provide your return address and, if they're game, they toss one in the mail back at you.

Once I get these cards from around the world, I try to fit them into a photo album. A postcard has to be small enough to fit into one of the horizontal pockets, or else I have to put it in a vertical slot regardless of how the picture is oriented. Many cards are just slightly too large, so I'm filling up several pages of vertical slots and have huge gaps of horizontal pockets. Some are far too large to fit at all so they are being bunched up in the front, by the cover. Probably I should have gotten an album where you glue those little corners onto the page and, thusly, create custom-sized mounts for the cards.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to chat with people around the world. Many people in Europe and Asia specifically request postcards of Obama (which I don't have). I've got some whimsical cards I can share, and everywhere I travel in my own nation I pick up a small stack of postcards, so from one location I can actually send a person overseas cards from MN, LA, KY, WI, and... I guess that's all I have. I also get to mail the postcards I made of my own Holga photographs, so I get to distribute my creations to a global audience.

It's a fun hobby, and I'm excited to talk to and hear from all these people. My international friends on Facebook clued me in to Postcrossing, and I'm grateful they did.

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Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

I am organizing the next issue of A Festival of Postcards.
I happened to come across your postcard of the gumball machine with the little sign on it and I think this would make an excellent entry in the July issue which will be called "SIGNS". If you are interested in having this postcard (or another) included then you can get general information here:
or check out the last issue here:
Have a great day!
Evelyn in Montreal