Monday, June 8, 2009

My Wings Have Gotten Rusted

The pain in my neck is all but abated, so I just need one pill in the morning to get me out the door, and that's all. I feel better about that.

My current physical regimen is working out pretty well, too. I've gone back to My Daily Plate (now and am forced to reckon with how much I eat on a casual and daily basis. This makes me less willing to snack and unwilling to eat junk food. I've also stuck with My Fitness Coach fairly consistently, and during today's Physical Challenge I was pleased to note I've lost eight pounds and gone down a size in the last two weeks. Not a dramatic improvement but still something. I just have to keep at it.

i got a couple postcards from friends in Genoa, Italy and Helsinki, Finland. This always gets me chuffed, writing to acquaintances around the world, hearing a little about their lives. The guy in Italy has sent me about five postcards, a feat unheard of among most of my domestic friends. Why is that? Why is the rest of the world still into postal correspondence? What would I lose if I moved to Genoa, Helsinki, Braunschweig, or Bruxelles?

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