Wednesday, June 17, 2009


New Rule: I'm not expected to produce a short story on the days when I have a writers' group meeting. And that was last night, so, no short story yesterday. The point of the "daily short story" challenge is that I keep in touch and in shape with writing, and if I'm at writers group, I'm doing just that.

Today's bike ride was, again, awesome. I was running a little late, and there's a difference between running late for the bus and running late on your bike. With the former, you're screwed and you lose an extra 15 minutes; but with the latter, you simply pedal a little harder. Consequently, I was still early for work.

Some time ago I grabbed a small flyer from a café, detailing the process to make one's own cold-press coffee, and I posted it to the fridge. Over the course of days it embedded itself within Rebecca's imagination and last night she whipped up a preliminary batch. So this morning, crunched for time though I was, I was dead curious to see how it turned out and filtered out the grounds and stored the brew in the fridge. When I get home from work I'll taste it--again, no time this morning--and will report on how it turned out.

I'm trying to decide whether I have manic amounts of energy from cycling these past few days or from the three cups of coffee I had this morning. It's funny: I hate the idea of wasting coffee, so when I find my wife has brewed an extra amount, I feel very strongly that I must consume it all rather than dump it down the sink. Hence: three cups this morning, when normally I cut myself off at two, and those two are at home--I don't have coffee at work anymore.

My next quest, in the back of my mind: where to find a supply of good-tasting water within a one-block radius of my office.

Also: I can tell someone new has been reading my blog, because I noticed some of the reader reaction check-boxes have been checked off. Whoever you are, I appreciate you doing that. It really makes a difference in my mind.

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