Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day Two: Biking to Work

I took a more leisurely pace, only kicking it out to make a couple green lights, and the commute was still under 30 minutes. This is awesome. Today I biked in one of my workout shirts and packed a light sweater for work--I generated enough body heat to be comfortable and kept cool. Also, I filled up my Sigg bottle and brought it in the bottle holder I had drilled into the frame of my bike.

That's important because I bought this Sigg bottle to help me stop using glass or plastic bottles. Glass, because that's a depletion of resources, and plastic, because of the BPA-leaching. Don't need it. But it's not practical for me to walk around all day, doot-dee-doo, with a big red Sigg bottle in one hand. Whichever hand that is, I need it for action.

But! Today I mounted it on my bike and brought it to work! And I've been drinking more water because of my return to food-journaling, and two plastic bottles of water represents four servings of water (out of a daily recommended eight), so I was drinking half as much water as I required (which was still over twice as much as I usually do) but tossing out a lot of plastic bottles--health issues aside, that's a lot of waste.

But now I have my reusable steel bottle! I filled it up at home and I can fill it up at work! I'll stop using glass/plastic bottles and get enough daily water intake! Another couple problems elegantly resolved by biking to work. What's the total now...
  1. Getting my required 45 minutes of required daily exercise.
  2. Using absolutely no gas (car or bus).
  3. Cut travel time by at least ten minutes each way.
  4. Practical means of carrying Sigg bottle around.
  5. Starting to meet my recommended water intake.
  6. More energy (last night: mopped kitchen and bathroom, washed two loads of dishes, vacuumed bedroom and hallway, on top of grilling hamburgers (and put grilling supplies away in timely fashion)).
  7. I think it's mitigating my depression.

Interesting article: Minneapolis rates fifth worst city in the nation for road rage.

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