Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Cruise, Briefly

Logging on from the ship's online system. At 55 cents/minute, I won't be on long.

The cruise is going well. It's like a big floating hotel, except the restaurant's open longer and there's more going on. We flew from Minneapolis to Amsterdam, where we spent two hours hanging out. I sent out the first batch of postcards from the airport.

We were a group of 19 people, from squirrely little kids to aging and disabled adults. We don't move at the same speed, but somehow transport like a slow, swirling mass from location to location. This brought out the border collie in me and I nipped at the strays and stragglers to keep the group coherent.

We flew into what I thought was Heathrow, England, but was actually a smaller airport in the vicinity and also under construction. Not very impressive, after Amsterdam's "fresh out of IKEA" appearance. We lingered around, forming a small fortress of our suitcases, until Rachel found the guy in charge of the shuttle buses. We loaded up, drove out to the cruise liner, registered for our ship's ID cards, and boarded. Oh yeah, we took off from Harwich but I didn't see any of it--I passed out on the bus, having been up for 36 hours straight.

Today we spent the day in Le Havre, France, and I sent out the second batch of postcards. Rebecca and I explored the town independently, covering more territory that way, and we saw quite a lot. I'll upload my pictures of the Notre Dame Cathedral, built in 1520, and containing the relics of St. Yves. I ate in a genuine patisserie and people have been mistaking me for French (and Amsterdamish) all trip long. In fact, I was hit up by a couple Jehovah's Witnesses on my way back into Le Havre and only escaped because they didn't speak sufficient English. "Bon chance," I told them as I walked away.

More later...

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