Saturday, May 30, 2009

This is a Very Good Day

This is a big day for me! Everything so far has made up for the fact that I woke up with a pinched nerve in my neck/shoulders.

After weeks of silence, I received three postcards in the mail! My good friend Hedge wrote me from Massachusetts (it's called a Corpse Flower because when it blooms it stinks like a human cadaver); I got a card from my new pen pal Katrin in Germany, with an image of the birthplace of Martin Luther; and I received my first Postcrossing card (see image)! Franzi writes that this image won a photo contest, then was published in a calendar (it was the image for October). I think it's great, and a great way to start off this international exchange!

Also, my new laser mouse arrived from Japan. I saw this cool model, Scope Node, and the big deal about it is that it's supposed to feel as comfortable and natural as holding a pencil. It does not resemble a pencil, but it looks pretty cool anyway. I needed a second mouse for my laptop--I bought a wireless mouse for it but somehow it broke. The USB base still receives a signal from the mouse's movement (as indicated by a red blinky light whenever you move the mouse), but it does not affect the cursor on the screen at all, whether on my laptop or main computer. What crap. So I bought a regular wired mouse, and I prefer laser over optical (bet you didn't know that), and I think everything will be better now.

Also, my friends Nick and Molly got me an awesome freakin' birthday/graduation present that arrived gift-wrapped from Amazon two days ago: a book comprising the best of Dinosaur Comics. I've been carrying it around and reading them aloud to Rebecca at every opportunity and throughout all circumstances and scenarios, much to her delight of course.

Finally, I paid for DNS management of my stupid domain names and now, .org, and .net successfully point to my new personal Web site. The naked URL does not, however, and I've yet to figure out why--I included it in the CNAME record so I don't know what the deal is.

Here's another thing you might not know about me: I refuse to use "dilly-o/dealio" in a sentence, ironically or otherwise. Except in a case like this where I have to refer to it.

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