Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Restlessness in the Mid-Week

The weather's doing something screwy lately, or maybe I'm just not used to the mornings looking like the prelude to a storm and the afternoons becoming warm and sunny. Without any storm.

I should pick up the One Story Every Day game again, because I'm just not writing anything. I'm in a reading group on Facebook and will start in a writers group next week, and I need to contact some people about another writers group, but in the meantime I've totally let myself off the hook.

At least I've gotten back into working out. I skipped out on that for months but Maya (My Fitness Coach) has been forgiving and encouraging. Last night I did half an hour of lower body and she actually mixed it up with some new exercises. Usually, 30 minutes of lower body means 25 minutes of three different plie exercises, but last night it was more interesting and my muscles don't feel completely devastated.

Rebecca and I got a flip camera, which I know little about but looks like a very simple way to take quick videos. Immediately I looked around for my copy of Page 2 Stage, a script-writing program on my main computer, couldn't find it anywhere, went back to the original Web site to download it again. This program, that I paid $80 for back in 2005, is completely free now. That chagrined me somewhat but I got the program and cranked out a quick little two-page script depicting yet another penultimate battle between Good and Evil. I'm growing my goatee out to represent Evil, and I'll shave it and comb my hair differently for Good.

In reconstructing Heavy Boots on Google Sites, I've had to decide what's worthy of recreation on the new page. The first thing I had to do was reconstruct my Online Comics collection--done easily enough. I got rid of the strips I don't read any more and added a couple new titles. I also grabbed some of the autobiographical information from a Google Pages site I coughed up as soon as I was aware of the service; that done, I took the site down but Soda is Killing You is still up and running... for the time being. Google insists that all Pages will be merged into Sites, which I'm not excited about since I actually like the formatting on the current Pages presence and am fine leaving like it is.

Sooooo, what else... The international pen pals thing is going fine. A girl in Germany received my postcard and entered its code on Postcrossing, so I was able to get another pen pal started. This is a girl in Texas who collects pens and stationery--how cool is that? Still, waiting for the other four postcards to reach their respective nations is rather tedious. And I'm restless to write letters, but all I would be doing is sending out mail after previous mail which is still on its way. And it's not that I really have anything interesting to say, I rarely do, but I have the urge to keep writing to people. Maybe I should channel that energy into creating short stories.

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