Sunday, May 17, 2009

Postcards and Little Metal Badges

I've been meaning to get a domain name for this blog for some time. I think I'll keep it what I've renamed it to--discovered that those Twilight tards who found my blog had mistyped the book they were looking for, "Breaking Dawn"--just because it's unique enough not to occur twice without enemy action. So in the next 72 hours people can find me at

I sent five postcards out last night through Postcrossing, or got them written up to go anyway, and have tacked on a couple more pen pals through other means. I'm very excited about this international exchange and hope that I can keep it up longer than two weeks, unlike my other hobbies. I think, with the staggered rate at which these replies should be forthcoming, I'll never feel inundated and will have plenty of time to respond.

Today, Rebecca and I are heading out to Frontenac State Park. I'm all excited because many of these state parks sell little souvenir metal badges that one nails to one's walking stick, say. The more state parks I travel to, the better I feel about getting out and availing myself of state and natural resources, and the more little metal badges I can collect. It's a win-win!

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