Monday, May 18, 2009

Domains and Registrars

Okay, this is frustrating. I've purchased the new domain name "" and I've gone to my registrar's site, Dotster, to supply the name server. In this case, Blogger offers its own name server,, but Dotster requires two name servers.

I found a cranky know-it-all's blog and, after dressing down a couple truly-at-sea users because they didn't use the precisely accurate technical terms he prefers in their questions, eventually he got to the suggestion of putting my blog's old URL in as the second name server.

Does that sound right? Can you really point your new domain name to your site by using the original URL as a name server? Something in that sounds fishy to me, but then, Dotster appears to be the only registrar on the planet that needs two name servers. There are no formal help screens for this anywhere.

So, I signed up for this Saturday night. Various Dotster/Blogger/Google help sections say that the servers will reset themselves with the new domain name in either 24, 48, or 72 hours, which means I can't really get resentful until late Tuesday night. Which also means no one can read this post, but I need to release some steam about this. I'll go bug my friends who might know more about this than I do.

Update: It may have been an issue with my account with the registrar. I talked to online support and she realized that I did not have access to Domain Management Services, which looks like a paid service. I don't know whether I was supposed to pay for it (an extra $10 on top of the domain name fee), but she tacked it onto my account for free. Once there, I set up the name servers (not what I thought they were) and CNAME (the "name server" that Google/Blogger provided, plus my old URL for good measure) and...

Now I just have to wait another 24 hours for this to come into effect. Or not, and to call tech support.

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