Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sweven Volant

Changing the name of my blog.

For one, I think I found a better name (using it for my Open Salon blog); for two, "Breaking Down" is sending people to my blog for the wrong reason. It was fine at first, but now I'm turning up as a result for kids' Twilight searches: "what chapter in breaking down dose [sic] bella turn in to a vampire."

I will not be associated with Twilight.

If you have my blog bookmarked, note the new name. "Sweven" is Old English for a dream or illusion, and "volant" means capable of flight. That is to which I aspire.

I've also discovered a new reaction system for the blog. Now people who can't muster up full responses can at least anonymously click on a reaction.


Bexley said...

Is it just coincidence that the only other time I've ever seen "volant" used was in one of the Urth books?

Christian said...

Actually, it is: I came across the word doing research into medieval society for my novel. When I picked up Shadow of the Torturer again, recently, to study how Wolfe makes some of his choices, I encountered the word immediately, but I had genuinely forgotten about it when I chose this title.


i use Google Reader to keep up with your journal - it unfortunately doesn't show comments or any of the little functions/controls (like the reaction buttons).