Friday, April 17, 2009

More From the Diner

I got a late lunch today--honestly, I prefer a flexible schedule for arriving, leaving, and taking lunch. You meet different people all the time, you don't fall into a rut. I just tripped around the corner to Downtown Diner, my regular place.

Today the manager had some good news: he's planning a trip to Egypt! He hasn't seen his family in almost a year and a half, and rates are pretty cheap right now, around $500. If it works out he could see them next month. I was genuinely excited for him, and inwardly I'm wondering how I could hook him up with a price deal from Travelocity, Orbitz, or Kayak or something good like that.

He said he was making more Egyptian food today and he could share a little. He set me up with a large quarter of flat bread and a thick sauce he only called "beans." By my non-culinary estimation there were pinto beans, onions, and a tomato sauce in it, and I could easily envision lentils going in there. It was tasty and I like interactive foods where you're tearing something off, dipping something into something else, and such.

Today, also, I finally learned his name and happened to learn his birth date. This is a big day, indeed. I won't post that stuff here but it's definitely going in my hardcopy record. We chatted about my wedding anniversary--Rebecca thinks she may come over to meet him next week--and how we like to cook.

On the way back to the office, it struck me as a little weird that we can accept food from people and put it into our bodies, on the inside where we're most vulnerable, and it's prepared by people whose names we never learn and who we couldn't identify in a crowd. Well, now I know who's making my lunch and I'd recognize him anywhere.

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