Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hey, There's a Cake on the Bus

On the bus on the way to work today, there was a cake.

A girl got on the bus holding this triple-decker chocolate cake with both hands. It sat in a glass plate and was covered in cellophane. You can see a tiny deer figure on the top, if you look closely. It was extremely cute and quite topical: the guy sitting directly to the girl's left in the photo (behind the girl in the image) had all sorts of questions for her, told her how nice it was to see. I had to ask her about it too.

"It's for a potluck for work," she said. It was a chocolate cake with butter-creme frosting and neon icing, a product she recently discovered. I complimented her on the cake, guessing that other people would probably bring a bag of chips or a generic tub of crudites.

And that was that. She was gracious and withstood being bothered by strangers. I asked permission to get a picture of the cake. Then she got off the bus and I rode it to work and went to work and bused home and got the car and picked up Rebecca and my mom and we drove out to Applebee's in Roseville for dinner and then drove south on Snelling to see our niece Sararosa perform in a Hebrew version of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and we just got back just now.

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