Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shapes in Photos

Last year or the year before, I walked throughout the Minneapolis Skyway system and took pictures of some of the more interesting ceilings I encountered.  It was a fun test to see who could identify where these ceilings were located, and it also pointed attention upward as there's a lot of great art and architecture up where people don't look.

Today I undertook a similar project to a much lesser degree: walking around over lunch, I photographed a bunch of circles as they appeared to me.  The first batch is actually in reverse order, which I didn't realize until I was halfway through arranging them, and I'm too lazy to correct that and it doesn't really matter anyway.

I hadn't realized at the time how many photos I was taking.  I hoped to fill a 4x4 grid but had way more than that, so I eschewed some of the crappier shots and just created a second collage.  These shots do appear in the order in which they were taken.

I wouldn't ask anyone to guess where they came from, because some of the images are so basic and common they could appear anywhere, but other items are specifically from one certain source.  Mainly these are just to look at.

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