Monday, January 19, 2009

Working Out is Working Out

That is, my new exercise regimen is actually happening.  Last week we picked up a copy of My Fitness Coach for the Wii, where previously I'd been working out with Wii Fit.

Wii Fit: is very playful, has lots of fun exercise-based games to play and unlock, and helps you keep track of your weight, BMI, and progress with an in-game calendar.  Games and monitor all work through the very fun Wii Board.  You can also log in exercise you do outside of the game.  As for goals, the game only asks you how much weight you'd like to lose within a short time frame.  On the other hand, you go back to a menu after every exercise, cutting into your workout time, and some people find the game monologue to be insulting and discouraging.

My Fitness Coach: provides a long stream of uninterrupted workout in 15-minute increments.  The game can't read you and doesn't require any feedback during exercises: you enter in your own weight and measurements, then report how well you do during the fitness exam.  Rewards (new environments, new music) are harder to come by and, therefore, mean more.  Instead of using the Wii Board, you get a personal trainer who intermittantly asks your opinion of workout sets and adjusts future workout programs accordingly.  The program does ask for what exercise equipment you own (heart monitor, stability ball, dumbbells, step bench) and produces exercises that use them.  For scheduling, you can accept the trainer's advice or set up a weekly regimen based on your motivation and availability.  On the other hand, the game feels thrown together and unrefined.  When doing the Pigeon Stretch, the vocal quality changes completely as though it were a last-minute addition.  Some of the spoken instructions are poorly (or not at all) coordinated with the exercises.

I just did my first 45-minute workout with My Fitness Coach, and I really feel like I worked out.  Maya, the game instructor, has set my overall goal to be cardio, but today we worked on upper body.  My arms are exhausted and I'm glad she's giving me a break tomorrow.  I'll probably logon and workout on flexibility, though.

Working out makes me want to eat better, too.  During, I get a craving for water, and afterward I only want raw fruits and vegetables.  My Fitness Coach makes better recommendations for lifestyle than Wii Fit does, so now I start the day with grains and have a snack before working out.  Still, Wii Fit's balance games are excellent training, so when I'm done with My Fitness Coach I'll login my time on Wii Fit and do a couple balance exercises.

I really do feel like I'm getting in better shape, ultimately.  I went down one belt size with Wii Fit, so I hope My Fitness Coach will make visible improvements on my musculature.  These are my goals, in the middle of January.

In other news, I produced four strong, positive work references and have given three great interviews to this marketing firm, so I hope to hear very soon that they're interested in taking me on.  Actually, I can't see how this wouldn't be the case: I owned those interviews.  It's an editorial position, and I've done that work professionally and casually my entire life.  I had an answer for every question or situation they put on the table.  I anticipate great success.

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