Thursday, January 8, 2009

Function and Charity

I was contacted via e-mail about a hotel search program. I was told that if I tried it out and wrote a review on my blog, they'd donate money to one of their selected charities. I'm all about donating to preserve the ecosystem, and I'm all about efficient search engines especially as pertains to travel, so why not?

I went to Hotels Combined to see what they offer. I'm actually booting out to Washington later this month, a quick weekend stint to see a couple friends, and though we've got places to stay I wanted to see what the hotel situation would look like.

Hotels Combined runs the same kind of search for hotels as I do for airline tickets. I pull from a broad number of airlines and airline search engines and compare all the results against each other. Hotels Combined seems to draw from a large pool of hotel-based resources, most of which I'd never heard of, and spills out a handy array of results to be organized in whichever way is most pertinent to you, whether you want the most popular-rated hotels, a really nice place to stay, or an extremely affordable crash pad for the weekend.

I have no problem pointing out this resource to my readers. If you're going to another city and don't have the hook-up for a place to stay, check out Hotels Combined and let it aggressively weed through the best deals for you. Any service that conveniently renders the same kind of diligent research I'd do for myself is okay in my book.

And now, by virtue of their Spread the World for Charity program, they'll donate $20 to World Wildlife Fund for me. It's a good deal all the way around.


Anonymous said...

I object to your choice of charity. I'm sure the WWF does a lot of good, but they also turned the real WWF into the WWE.

Christian said...

That's one way of looking at it.

Another is that, when World Wildlife Fund cleared their throats, Vince rolled over and spread 'em like France.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly. It was a long, hard fought legal battle that Vince ended up losing. At roughly the same time, the Fund began using its initials as a logo, and the World Wide Wrestling Federation dropped the word "Wide" from it's name, changing it's logo from WWWF to WWF. Legal battles ensued. The WWFund, based overseas (Britain, I think) won a ruling in the mid-90's stating that the WWFederation could use the WWF initials in the US freely, but only in limited ways internationally. Mostly because even though they both began using the initials at the same time, The Fund's legal name had been "World Wildlife Fund" earlier than the WWF dropped one of it's W's. Then in 2000 or 2001, the Fund claimed the WWF wasn't being restrictive enough in using the initials internationally, and filed an appeal in the court of whatever country their from. They won, and the Federation was forced to stop using the initials, despite the fact that the Fund had since changed it's legal name to "World Wildlife Fund for Nature."

Christian said...

I know, I remember. I'm just fucking around.