Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bad News: IE is Sufficient

As much as I hate Internet Explorer, it seems to be the best browser to blog with.

I thought the spacing looked weird in the paragraph breaks I type in, and they were weird. After writing four posts in four browsers, and then comparing all four posts in each browser, this is what I came up with:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • The IE and Firefox posts appeared to have normal spacing.
  • The Safari and Chrome posts had a weird trait: the first paragraph break was normally spaced, but all others throughout the post were 1½ lines.

This problem was greater in the other browsers. Browsing in Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome: the IE and Firefox posts had normal spacing, but in the Safari and Chrome posts the first paragraph break was 1½ lines and all others were double.

If I wanted to take this further I would code sample posts in the 'Edit HTML' option in Blogger, to fully command the spacing, then browse the posts in all four browsers again, but as it happens I don't care that much. I just wish my posts didn't look so jacked in other browsers.


I see now that Chrome claims that IE inserts DIV tags for line breaks (in the IE post), while IE just creates extra lines in the HTML editor.  And the DIV insertion is imperfect: the first line gets DIV open, DIV close, DIV open, and all others get two pairs of DIV open and close tags.

What the hell?  And in writing this, I realize that I have to hit Enter twice in IE to create the paragraph break I want, but in Chrome I only hit it once and it creates an apparent double carriage return in normal spacing.  But, as I demonstrated above, this is not how it looks once published.

And now Chrome's doing something even weirder: in the HTML editor, all lines prior to the Underscore code in this post appear to be physical carriage returns with normal spacing, but after the Underscore close tag it uses the Paragraph open and close tags.

This is maddening.  My analytical mind wants to systematically attack this browser conundrum and find out what each browser does with HTML code when I create a post, and how every browser interprets each post's code.  But my practical mind tells me I have other, more important things to do with my time.


It's even worse!  I'd started this post in IE, but edited and expanded it in Chrome!  It isn't using its usual Chrome formatting (the DIV tags) because of this!  Further, the implementation of the Underline tag had nothing to do with the implementation of Paragraph tags: the IE-generated carriage returns were physical lines in the HTML editor, but the Chrome-generated carriage returns in an IE-originating post became Paragraph tags, while leaving the IE carriage returns intact!  If this had been a Chrome-originating post, the Chrome-generated carriage returns in the HTML editor would have gone back to DIV tags!

I would have to write partial posts in combinations of browsers, and then view them and their HTML structure in four separate browsers to fully chart all the effects they have on each other!  This is horrible!  I have to stay away from the computer for an hour!

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