Thursday, January 8, 2009

And Then There Are Crappy Businesses

On 12/24/08 I ordered some anime DVDs from a business called BargainAnime through Yahoo! Shopping. They charged me the total of the bill that same day, so they're very eager to receive money.

However, it's been over two weeks and I haven't received the DVDs I paid for. Their e-mail receipt included a link to the order status: for two weeks both the Order Status and Tracking fields have been completely blank.

Two days ago I e-mailed them to ask the status of the order, and 48 hours later they have neglected to reply. Yahoo! Shopping policy dictates that merchants must respond to concerns within 24 hours.

Today I sent them another e-mail demanding they cancel (ha!) the order and refund me the full amount. I also registered a complaint through Yahoo!'s Complaint Resolution Process, detailing the transaction history and all pertinent information.

What's hilarious is that yesterday I received a merchant evaluation form for BargainAnime. It asked me how the transaction went, how easy it was to shop, and how satisfied I was with the merchandise. That is hilarious. I was honest when rating how it was to search for DVDs, and brutally honest when given the opportunity to comment upon their business practice.

I'm also complaining about them here, as much good as that will do. Whenever shopping for anime, please avoid BargainAnime unless you have way too much money to keep track of and don't care about receiving the merchandise. If you would like to throw your money down a big black whistling crevasse and come away empty-handed, then BargainAnime is the gaping commercial void for you.


Only too late did I just now do a search for BargainAnime, and found a little complaints message board with two irate customers in a situation similar to mine. They're recent complaints, too, posted 12/9 and 12/28 of last year. Did the company just sharply plummet?

There were more than that, apparently. Now I feel stupid.

And they received an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. I'm filing a complaint with them right now.

I was going to say my paranoia meter just went in, but I have two conflicting philosophies about paranoia.

William S. Burroughs said, "Paranoia is the highest state of consciousness."

Hunter S. Thompson said, "Paranoia is just another word for ignorance."

I'm starting to lean towards the latter. All the information was there, I just didn't do any research of the company beforehand. You don't have to feel paranoid in order to execute extensive research on an online company with whom you're planning to do business.

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