Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yet Another Pet Peeve


If you are a financial institution, a phone company, any kind of utility, or offer any kind of service where you can conceivably take on customers and find yourself in need of customer service representatives, here's a helpful tip:

Try to ensure that your representatives are not fucking illiterate.

Can you ask them that in the interview?  Ask them if anyone they know (friends, family, former employer) would describe them as "fucking illiterate."

Can you stage a small spelling bee?  I would like to suggest the theme of your vocabulary list be that of religion and spirituality, because I have yet to talk to a customer service representative, clerk, teller, or cashier who does not ask me how to spell my name, "Christian."

Many times I receive bills with my name cut off, making me "Christia."  That's understandable, technology is limited and my name is long.  Sometimes I receive letters or phone calls from customer service representatives looking for "Christine" or "Kristin."  In those cases I assure them there is no such person at this number.

I went to a pizza restaurant where they type your name on the receipt and call you by name over the PA when your order's up.  One particularly proactive young man, or else too shy to ask me, took the initiative and typed out "KRISTAN" on my receipt.  While I think he's a moron, I acknowledge that he is a go-getter.

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