Friday, December 26, 2008

Yesterday was Christmas

I've noticed the formatting here changes depending on which browser I'm using. Mainly, this is an issue of extra hard-breaks or carriage returns. I'm going to try out each of the four browsers I use and see what effect they have on posting. I'm writing this entry in Internet Explorer (much to my chagrin).

Two days ago I knocked out a large portion of errands: I drove out to Office Max to buy new toner for my printer and recycled the old toner cartridge at the store. Immediately, I drove back out there and retrieved it because I forgot that the toner cartridge actually rides inside another case that mounts inside the printer and I'd thrown away the whole thing. Fortunately, a very sweet girl working at the counter remembered me from twenty minutes prior and found the mechanism for me.

I needed the toner to print out a packing slip for another sale: someone bought my The Preacher #6 via and I wanted to get it out in the mail as soon as possible. I printd the packing slip, bundled it up in a bubble mailer, and drove downtown to deliver it through the Loop Station, which is perhaps the greatest mail outlet in operation today. Unfortunately they closed at noon on Xmas Eve, so I used the automated postage generator and perhaps overpaid a couple bucks on postage, but Amazon charges the buyer plenty for postage and tacks that onto my income, so I'm fine with it. I walked over to Rebecca's office and we drove home together.

We packed up and drove up to mom's house in Blaine. The weather, though frigid, presented moderate driving conditions and we arrived without incident. Rob was already at the house and, all assembled, we had a large dinner and watched Elf. Mom and I had never seen it, Rob and Rebecca were already fans of it. I'm embarrassed that I was so reluctant to watch this movie. I've been confronted with my closed-mindedness lately and am endeavoring to address that issue and remain open to new things.

Except M.I.A. I hate her, and I'm at odds with the Current for playing her, with her message of gleeful violence and criminal behavior. She's a very popular musical artist currently, but you know what else is popular? Junk food, SUVs, and hideous fashion in clothing. I don't feel bad about not riding the bandwagon to Bullshitsburg.

Yesterday morning we got cleaned up, packed up, and drove down to Castle Rock to my sister's house. Collin's parents and sister were already there, so we got into the present-opening then. Maggie really made a haul, with an electronic kid's guitar (so she doesn't insist on using an actual controller when her parents are trying to play Guitar Hero), the injection-molded Barbie princess horse she wanted, and a ginormous Lincoln Logs set. It was a knock-off from Fleet Farm, I think, so they called it something else, but I was awed at the sheer volume of it. I loved Lincoln Logs as a kid! And here was easily six times more than I'd ever owned at once. Erin and I followed the instructions to construct a fairly elaborate log cabin with two extra rooms and a hitching post. If such a building existed in real life, I surely would want to visit it.

I got Rebecca an air-powered "rifle" that shoots mini-marshmallows, and she got me a sizeable Hong Kong DVD collection. I felt as cool as Nick and Nora Charles.


Anonymous said...

Lincoln Log knock-off? So, like, Booth Branches?

Christian said...

Yeah, Tyler Timbers or something. No plastic to them at all, everything was solid wood.


>Except M.I.A. I hate her, and I'm at odds with the Current for playing her, with her message of gleeful violence and criminal behavior.


Christian said...

Eh, she says that, but have you listened to the lyrics in "Paper Planes"?