Monday, December 8, 2008

Welcome to Monday Afternoon

This has been an exciting weekend, more or less.  That fiasco with the minor-league plagiarism has settled, the offender has fled into the night and debate (among this insular community of singles) rages as to who actually stole from whom, and what the thief's motives were.  A few people have invited me to stay and keep blogging, which they intend as a compliment as well as to bolster their community, but I don't need that kind of petty drama in my life.

Rebecca and I are still weathering the turbulence that the first year of any marriage will see.  We have good times and bad times.  It's interesting to see what you allow yourself to say in an argument or debate, when you have the security of knowing that the other person can't just pick up and leave you.  You don't have to speak as carefully as you would if things really could end.

But, of course, things can always end.  Only an idiot doesn't bear this in mind.

I successfully sold one of my trade paperbacks on  It's all packaged up and ready to go: do I want to spend more money busing downtown to buy postage and get it sent out today?  And with everything I have to do today (weatherproofing the windows, cleaning the apartment, laundry, and selecting poetic submissions for my university's literary magazine), can I afford the hour it would take to bus downtown and return?

And those damned cats.  Toki cries to be let out into the porch.  Once there, he cries to be let back in because it's freakin' freezing out there.  Once inside, he cries to be let back out because he has absolutely no memory of what that's like.  This goes on for as long as I have patience for it.  (Bella has no desire to go out but wants a share of whatever Toki's getting.)

Right now I'm having a dark beer, cleaning the windowsills for the plastic sheets, and listening to a Czech cover of ABBA's "Knowing Me, Knowing You."

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noma-neko said...

do you have paypal? if so, you can just pay & print your postage and then just drop it in the mailbox or maybe leave it for your mail carrier person to pick up?

i always print my packages from home instead of going to the post office, unless i have to beacuse the package is odd.