Friday, December 26, 2008

Oops, Belatedly

...Eh, okay, so that wasn't supposed to be a post, but I'll leave it up anyway because it actually is funny. It's good to come back to that "how is babby formed" bit, and I've noticed xkcd has referenced it as well so maybe it's gaining some ground?

Anyway, I was having a bad time getting that thing to load so I posted it as a direct link in here so I could just grab the Shockwave file directly to my laptop. Except it loaded incompletely so it's not a perfect process but, yeah, that's usually how I get video files I want to see over and over again. I wasn't able to remember the URL for that particular episode so it's just simpler to possess it.


Alexis said...

Well, I have no comment for this post. But I just noticed on that you've discovered Pakistani cuisine and I was curious if you've had a chance to check out the metro's newest (and I believe only second?) Pakistani restaurant, here in Northeast. It's on Central and 19th and I think the name is Zum Zum or Zam Zam or something like that. I haven't tried it yet; it's probably too meat-centric for me, but I know they fuck it up with some spices over there.

Christian said...

That's awesome. I will definitely try that out, because we are all about the spices. Thanks for the hot tip!

Alexis said...

I'm back with another one.

I had a Pakistani client for a couple of years who was extremely dissatisfied with the Indian and Afghani selections in town, as they're not even close to as spicy as the food from his homeland. BUT he was a huge fan of Harry Singh's Caribbean Restaurant. I see you already have it saved on, but maybe some of your readers or some random Googlers are on the hunt for spicy ethnic food and this tip will help them.

Alexis said...

Hi. I'm back.

I started a list for you!

Christian said...

You're so sweet! I'm researching my list items as we speak. I'm sure many others will have hotter places than mine but I know a few restaurants that have made me feel alive.