Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great at Exercise, Poor at Thought

Yes, I know it was only a few weeks ago I pulled a muscle in my back doing the Warrior Stance, but I have completed a full Wii Fit workout today.  Over 45 minutes of all Yoga and mixed Aerobic/Balance/Strength training.  I ran for a long lap and unlocked the full island circuit.  I beat my score in Step training and unlocked Advanced Step.  I bested my instructor in the Jackknife Challenge, just as I beat her twice at the Plank Challenge.

Mystical words?  Trust me, it means I worked out very well.  I'm hoping it will begin to compensate for the 2.2 pounds I apparently gained in the past week.  I'll lay off the sangria for a while and focus on vegetables and Luna bars.  ...I'm still hitting the scotch tasting tomorrow, however.  Nothing gets in the way of that.

I did some Christmas/Hannukah shopping this morning, picked up some really cool things, and knocked $10 off my bill.  Try Googling the name of where you're ordering from along with discount or promotion code, see what you come up with.  It's that easy!

Monday was my final 1000 Words or Less class but tonight is my penultimate Writing for Publication and Profit class, in which I design a promotional brochure for a company and submit the final draft of my book query.  Rather than promoting my dark fantasy The Rise of Night, I created a second novel concept, The Battle-Hymnal, which combines dark future sci-fi with dreamlike surrealism.  I hope.  Will either of these ever get written?  The Rise of Night has the best chance, as my Independent Study was approved and I'll be taking Advanced Creative Writing for my capstone next semester, in which I will produce the next two chapters.  Maybe three!  Why not?  Now I see why novel writing is such a slow grind: it's awfully sophisticated work.

In other news, I'm trying to decide whether I actually do not have a friend close enough to confide in, or that I just don't feel comfortable complaining about the more perceived personal ills of my life to anyone.  Even that phrase, "perceived personal ills," I had to rewrite that five times just now because I didn't want to imply my life is hell at all.  It's good, everything's good, but sometimes I need to vent and I don't have a receptacle for that kind of steam.  It may be parts of columns A and B: I haven't engendered that kind of friendship (certainly, most or all of my friendships have tapered off and dwindled in the last year), or I do tend to handle these things on my own.  Or other factors I haven't considered in the midst of my irrationality.  As time goes on I question my judgment more and more.  No one has been shy about pointing out the flaws in my perception or deriding my "logic" and values, and I find it very hard to trust myself.

That's a large reason why I'm unwilling to complain: I'm probably wrong.  Things aren't the way I see them, and I'm unjustified in feeling about them the way I do.  It's easier to shut up and let these things pass.


Marina said...

There are equal dangers both in feelings of entitlement and in those of worthlessness. Despite any faulty logic, personal blind spots, misperceptions, or cosmic insignificance, what you feel is real and therefore valid. It may not be *right*, but squelching your emotional response isn't right, either.

Sometimes I find it helpful to preface my rants with "this is an explosion that I need to have to maintain my sanity. I am not looking for a fix, just someone to listen for a bit." That saves people from feeling like they have to solve your problems by picking apart your logic, which is ultimately more frustrating. Of course, they have to be able to turn off that feature for the duration or your disclaimer is meaningless.

That is great news re: fitness. I need to set up my apartment so that I can move my coffee table more easily and set up my DDR pad. Now that I'm in the basement, I don't have the downstairs neighbor excuse that became so convenient. Your successes are encouraging.

Is "The Rise of Night" the story that I have part of? We could get together and talk about it sometime. I expect we'll be busy learning about scotch tomorrow, but what about next week?

Alexis said...

Wii. I need this. I was all set to buy one when Wii Fit came out, but couldn't find it anywhere. Now it seems there are plenty back on the market, so I guess it's an early Christmas present to The Mexican and myself.

Not to freak you out or anything, but there's a reason they call Luna bars nutrition for women. They're made from soy, which is a phytoestrogen. It acts like real estrogen in the body, which is why soy is recommended for post-menopausal women. Phytoestrogen also messes with your thyroid, which is counterproductive to trying to shed body fat. There are several other health risks associated with consuming soy products that you might want to research. The soy industry is one of the largest and richest in the world, so don't believe everything you hear about it.

If you like the protein side of soy, stick with the fermented kind (I like to say the three Ts: tofu, tamari, tempeh). Ancient Asian doctors figured out long ago that unfermented soy was bad for us.

Christian said...

Alexis: I've heard something like that before. Before my school account closes down, I should run through the academic databases and see what formal studies I can turn up pertaining to unfermented soy. I really just liked Luna bars because they are the single-most nutritionally dense, nutritionally complete breakfast/energy bar available. I compared a dozen similar bars and Luna blew them all away.

Marina: That is the story you've got the first chapter of, I believe. I would love to hash it out with you some time. It would make the most sense for someone who actually likes fantasy to read it.