Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Foreign Online Radio

I like to experience new music once in a while, really new music.  I just ran a Google search for "africa online radio" and found Addis Live.  It's got a handy interface that lets you select tracks or shuffle the mix, like a regular media player.  I was disappointed in African Internet Radio because the playlist seemed to be full of rap and hip-hop that could be had in the States.  I wanted to hear something new and unfamiliar!

Same with Radio Carisma, in Italy: it's just American Top 40.  I really would appreciate an Italian classics or light jazz station.  Is there a station dedicated to Italian, French, or Spanish cafe music?  That is what I would love the most.  Italian Radio Stations seems to have a robust selection of broadcasters so I'lll mill through those for a while.

While searching for online Japanese stations I found Iheard, Multilingual Books, and Radio Locator.  Plenty to choose from, there.  A long time ago I found a Japanese talk radio station--I didn't understand a word of it, but it was lovely to listen to.   The announcer went off on a spiel, occasionally took calls, and throughout there was a sound foley playing like rain in a forest.  Even that would be interesting to listen to.

Bonus: if the foreign song you listen to is catchy enough, you get to make up the words as you sing it later, sauteeing carrots, onions, and yam, unable to get the melody out of your head:
They wondah, wondah, 'What's up?' / And they eat a little fish and chickie
All the people, and they eating fishie / They wondah, wondah 'What's up?'
It's more fun than you might imagine.  You will be astonished at what can come out of you, once you demand it.

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