Friday, December 26, 2008

Fluctuating Costs in Memory

I'm intrigued by the recent developments in flash drive technology. For the past year I've lusted after an 8GB flash drive no bigger than the last metacarpal of my thumb, barely bigger than a quarter, and shock- and water-resistant to boot: Super Talent's Pico-C 8GB USB flash drive. I love Think Geek but they claim it lists for $50 and they sell it for $30 (when it's in stock). more competitively prices this at $17.

So what else is out there? has a CENTEON 8GB flash drive for $10. They also sell the OCZ Diesel 16GB for $23.50, and the A-DATA 32GB for $55. They're selling the Kingston DataTraveler 150 for $123, and you get 64GB of memory with that one.

J&R Electronics sells a Dane-Elec 8GB for $13. It's not as physically diminutive as the Pico-C, but it's cheaper for the same storage. They also have the Kingston DataTraveler but for $110.

For negligibly more, A11 Devices is selling a Lenovo 16GB model for $14. I've never heard of this company and I can't find any reputable online business rating for them, whereas I've had positive experiences with NewEgg and J&R.

So, for eight gigabytes:
  • NewEgg's CENTEON - $10
  • Amazon's used Ativa - $10
  • J&R's Dane-Elec - $13
  • SuperMediaStore's A-DATA - $16
  • ThinkGeek's Pico-C - $30
And who sells the SuperTalent Pico-C 8GB drive?
I have some affection for ThinkGeek, but it really pays to shop around in some cases.

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