Thursday, December 11, 2008

Easy Writing, Difficult Jobs

End of day.  I put plastic up in the bathroom window, scrubbed out the tub, washed all the dishes, and emptied all the trash.  Somehow I forgot to eat lunch, though.

I fired up the grill--yes, in a quilt of snow--for a pair of minute steaks: one in Black & Red, one in cumin.  I also leashed up the cats and let them outside one at a time.  Toki loved it and meandered around in the snow.  Bella hated it and dug her claws into my shoulder, but she calmed down when I carried her to the grill and she could warm up.  She was not curious about walking around, however, and made a beeline for the back door.

Rebecca and I had dinner before she went out shopping with a friend.  I played Zelda: Twilight Princess while she was gone.  I like the Zelda series because it feels like a homecoming every time I start up the game.  There's some dread, too, since I know a lot's going to be expected of me.  Not like Link can just hang out, get tight on mead, and swim in a sea of ladies for a weekend.  Nope, he has to save the kingdom, the princess, and/or the world, and it usually entails walking along narrow ledges above yawning chasms at some point.

Oh, I also forwarded my Open Salon article detailing the incident of plagiarism this weekend.  She was very interested in how it panned out and complimented me on the original article, 'The Legend of Betty.'  I asked her what to do about the internship at Ron Schara Enterprises: she said to call, but there was no phone number.  I looked one up and called but didn't find him listed in the corporate directory, as per the recorded instructions.  I sent in my application last week and e-mailed a reminder yesterday--should I take this as a passive-aggressive hint?  I know Minnesotans hate confrontation...

The Rake never responded to my short fiction submission, and the Star Tribune neither accepted nor declined my video game article.  I've submitted the 'Betty' piece to the New York Times, per a friend's advice, but judging by the automated e-mail I received, I sent it in all wrong.  They said not to worry, not to resend it, they'll still look at it, but if I don't hear from them in three weeks I can take it to mean it's not accepted.  So in three weeks I'll somehow shave 800 words off it, write out the bit about the photograph, and include it in the e-mail instead of as an attachment.

My instructor asked whether I'd be interested in an internship at a local publication and I enthusiastically assured her I was.  That would be worthy experience, certainly.

And I never heard back from Mulberry about the transcription/proofreading position.  I have no idea what the hell's going on.  When did the corporate standard shift from courteous responses (accepting or declining) to neglect?  Has it always been this way?


ilexcassine said...

I don't know if you are looking for paid only internships, but Greywolf press and Milkweed editions are always looking for unpaid interns. I had a 10 hour a week internship at Greywolf, and it at least gave me some insight into the publishing industry, how to submit writing more effectively and some free books.

muscleyarm said...

I know how you feel!