Friday, November 14, 2008

Wintral Cleaning

Yup, I'm in that stage where I just want to delete the extraneous. I decided eight blogs was too much to maintain so I deleted a few.

VOX, WordPress, and Friendster are the accounts that lose out. Blogs I'm keeping: Blogger (this one), Writer's Market, Open Salon, and the one on my professional Web site. Friendster was a ghost town and VOX/WordPress were cliques I couldn't break into. Oh well.

Yesterday I wrenched my back while doing yoga on Wii Fit. I tried to write about it in terms of "I wasn't doing something right," but someone on Open Salon took my piece to mean that it was proof the Wii is dangerous. That was absolutely not what I had said and not what I meant. It's a perfectly cromulent workout tool, no more dangerous than weights or walking down the street.

This person also felt insulted and belittled by the video game instructor, and that's not the first time I've heard that argument. I'm fascinated by the new realm of discourse that's opened up by advanced technology, and by people's limitless capacity for complaint.

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noma-neko said...

i have to wonder how one can feel "belittled" by a video game vs. irl? i'm sorry but going to a workout center and trying to hire a personal trainer seems horrifying to me and when i did try to get a "gym membership" they looked at me like i had the plague and how dare i come to there gym to try and work out...freaks with funny colored hair & piercings aren't allowed or something.