Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is One of a Few Services I Provide

I now have two very good methods to stave off boredom.  They both involve the computer but only one may require speakers.

ONE: Go to and do a search for "prank."  Say goodbye to your Saturday!  (Alternately: search for "funny baby" if you're seriously depressed.)

TWO: Here is an enormous directory of online comics.  Most of them are shite but there are several high-quality titles: it's up to you to find them.  I could tell you which ones they are but many people prefer to feel they're in control of their lives.

Prior to the discovery of I only had one good method to stave off boredom.

Notice that you cannot "prevent" boredom, you may only "stave" it "off."  Boredom is not like a virus that you can contract if you live irresponsibly; it is like an evil spirit or a cubemate's fart, against which you may employ special herbs or a fan.  Boredom may also be "warded off" but only if you used to play AD&D or your parents lived in Salem, Massachusetts.

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