Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And Now... We Wait

It's Tuesday today: starting yesterday, new Peanuts cartoons have been made available for download on iTunes. These are Flash animations with new script but also based on past strips. They won't be free for long so act quickly.

This morning my wife and I got up very early, dressed up as the Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam, and marched over to our voting location a block away. these were our Hallowe'en costumes, though we went as zombified versions of each, and we thought we could get one more wear out of them. A few people cheered and clapped, many more whipped out their cell phones to get pictures. The line seemed huge but moved quickly and we were done within 25 minutes. I drove Rebecca to work where she claimed her free Starbucks coffee. You get that if you show your "I VOTED" sticker, and you can get a free scoop of ice cream at Ben & Jerry's, but good luck finding one around here. I guess we have one by the Metrodome. Still, it's a kind gesture for these places to offer something for free: if that's what it takes to get people voting, moreso than civic responsibility, then offer the swag I guess.

Friday night we dressed up as Zombie Uncle Sam and Statue of Zombie Liberty and went to her friend David's apartment for a big party. That was a lot of fun, lots of good conversation, movies, and some Wii bowling. Saturday night we went to my friend Kate's house and I got to meet her friends and enjoy more good conversation. Unfortunately I also gave myself license to get extremely drunk, which only worsened when we went to another friend's house. Yesterday and today I notice my ribs ached and couldn't figure out why, then realized it was from vomiting so hard on Saturday night. Not my proudest moments. There's a scotch tasting in two days and I'm thinking I might skip it, if I can't find someone to share the scotch with. I really don't need four shots of good stuff exiting through the entrance.

Now, today, I've got to run around and do some last-minute shopping for our Election Day party tonight. Rebecca tried to invite the neighbors but they thought she was a canvasser and refused to come to the door, only yelled "We're voting!" out the window. She's pretty steamed about that but I emphasized that the importance of this election accounts for the inundation, the saturation of canvassing in this and all other neighborhoods. Yes, she could have been a baby someone set on fire, ringing their doorbell for help, but inside the house all doorbells (and motives for ringing them) sound the same.

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Shanna (Crabbit) said...

There is a Ben & Jerry's at 702 Washington Ave SE, which is more or less by the UofM/Augsburg campuses. I'm not sure if this location is easy for you to get to though.

Google Maps is a wonderful thing.

I got my voting done after a late morning appointment. To my surprise there was barely a line at my polling place.