Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Ultimate

Oh my gods, it finally happened. I wondered if I'd ever see this day.

Google seems to offer full functionality in Web design. As you know, I created a quick and dirty Web page once I discovered Google Pages: http://sxoidmal.googlepages.com/.

But I wondered if there were a way to rig it up between Google Pages and Google Documents to fake a free blog. That's when I discovered they were already there: http://sites.google.com/site/sxoidmal/.

It works a lot like I recently discovered WordPress does: you create pages as per your needs, and you can make one out to be a blog. Which I did.

Which makes a lot of my other blogs redundant. I think I actively maintain eight blogs currently. They're all over the place and some of them actually do have specialized purpose, but yeah. I like to be in the habit of writing a lot. When I write about my day in one, I don't want to repeat myself so I have to approach it from a different angle or focus on different aspects when updating the next blog. Then it gets trickier and trickier as I go down the list, so I get a lot of writing exercise and I'm spreading myself around the Web like regal eggshell latex paint.

But now Google offers a service where you can do everything, and you can create stuff that you need as you need it. They don't seem to have a Blogroll yet, where you would, like, list your friends' sites in the sidebar, but there are certainly ways around that, yes. And they provide instructions on how to point your domain name to your Google site, which I'm about to do right now.

Specifically: I'm about to create my professional online portfolio and buy a domain name for it. If Google offered one free domain name with this service, it would be entirely free; as it is, it'll run me, what, $12/year? Cheaper if you look around, and I know where to look: I can get it down to $7/year.

I'm very, very excited right now.

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